About mSpace and FDC Framework

The Solar Land Survey application is an IT solution to reliably capture and digitize the information related to Land Surveys for Solar Projects using the VillageGIS Framework in the field. This will enable capturing the Land Survey Data in near real-time so that the decision making is easier.

Solar Land Survey project is developed and maintained by mSpace Technologies Private Limited. The project is developed using the “mSpace VillageGIS Framework”. This Framework is provides the ability to create a customized Solutions for reliable and authentic field level data collection.

The Framework encapsulates the Textual Data (Fields), Geo-Location information, ability to capture Location and Date-Time stamped photographs and record Audio. The multi-format data collection enables the user to collect Authentic and Relevant data quickly and accurately.

“mSpace VilageGIS Framework” has been developed in Collaboration and Support from IIT-Madras under a project sponsored by Department of Land Records. The Applications built on “mSpace VillageGIS Framework” have been successfully deployed and in operation since last three years, in the filed in Ananthpur in AP, and RangaReddy in Telangana. They have collected large amounts of data providing the users and GOverment with valuable reports and information. Partnering with IIT-Madras and WASSAN, mSpace has developed and deployed various application for Village-level mapping, Fisheries Management, Surveys, Work Sampling and other M-Governance projects.

The Pest Control application is an IT based mobility solution to reliably capture and digitize the information related to est Control using the VillageGIS Framework in the field. This Application has two components, Mobile Client (Android) and Server Application.

Mobile Client enables the users to collect Information regarding Pest Control like Pest Data, Photographs, Audio and Geo-Location Indformation about the field and/or village. The Mobile Client is a very easy-to-use Application and enables the user to collect the Data in a structured process. It also collects Geo-Location information and enables the user to take time-stamped and location-stamped photographs authenticating the data collected. The information collected is Uploaded to the Server as when the Data Connectivity is available.

The Server Application collates and aggregates all the Field data coming from all Mobile Clients. The Server enables the user to view the data, photographs and also view them on a Map. The Server also gives the ability to download the data in Excel and PDF format for reporting or further analysis.