About Work Sampler, mSpace and FDC Framework

Work Sampler is a Productivity Measurement and Improvement designed and conceptualized by IIT Madras and developed by mSpace Technologies.

Work Sampler Solution is developed and maintained by mSpace Technologies Private Limited. The solution is developed using the “mSpace FDC Framework”. This Framework is provides the ability to create a customized Solutions for reliable and authentic field level data collection.

The Framework encapsulates the Geo-Location information, ability to capture Location and Date-Time stamped photographs and record Audio. The multi-format data collection enables the user to collect Authentic and Relevant data quickly and accurately.

“mSpace FDC Framework” has been tested and deployed in the field, from remote Locations in Jharkhand, Bihar and Chattisgarh to Urban location like Hyderabad and Chennai. The Applications built on “mSpace FDC Framework” have been successfully deployed and in operation since last two years. They have collected large amounts of data providing the Customers with valuable reports and information. Partnering with IIT-Madras and WASSAN, mSpace has developed and deployed various application for Village-level mapping, Fisheries Management, Surveys, Work Sampling and other M-Governance projects.

Work Sampling application enables capturing of data for statistical analysis. The application runs via any compatible Android device and the data collected is automatically stored locally and uploaded to a central server whenever connectivity is available.

Dashboard-based viewing of the collected data along with detailed statistical analysis as designed by IIT Madras, is available on the server.

Work Sampler solution has been developed by mSpace Technologies in partnership with IIT Madras. The solution is scalable, is amenable for use across multiple sampling studies and is expected to evolve into more sophisticated versions in future roll-outs.

The data from this website can not be duplicated or used without written permission from IIT Madras and mSpace Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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