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The Groundwater Management application is an IT solution based on MOBIS Survey (mSpace MOBIS Framework) to reliably capture and digitize the information related to Groundwater features such as Farms, Wells and other Water Bodies using the MOBIS Framework in the field.

WASSAN is using Groundwater Management Application in the field to collect Data and use it for process related to Collectivisation of Groundwater for Secure Rainfed Crops.

Key Benefits of using the Groundwater Management Application:
  • Developed for the needs of organizations to capture field level data for Groundwater Management
  • Easy to install, use and access even in remote areas.
  • Captures accurate information at each village site using state of the art technology.
Here are the Steps to Capture, Upload and View the Groundwater Management data using MOBIS Survey :
  • Using the Mobile Client, collect the information about the Survey and upload to Server.
  • Login to the server using the User ID given to you. If you do not have a UserID, please contact your administrator.
  • You can view all the Survey data, download the Survey data (PDF, Excel), and View them on Map.